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Disability pension through OPM. Obesity is really a reported and diagnosable medical condition. On earth of Federal Handicap Retirement applications, however Liteblue, OPM employees and MSPB Administrative Judges however stick to the bias that obesity is really a choice-based condition: that the Postal employee or Federal Employee who is morbidly fat is at fault for his or her condition. For those causes, the OPM and MSPB seem to hold people who have obesity or morbid obesity to an increased standard.
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Medical medical practioners and professionals in the area of medication have recognized several medical situations, as well as physical facets and genetic influences which could cause an individual to be obese. Some of these contain: obesity, including: pituitary gland tumors, pituitary gland illness, craniopharyngioma, pseudohypoparathyroidism, paid off metabolic prices, rader-Willi problem, Frohlich problem, underactive thyroid, as well as particular forms of mind tumors, chromophobe adenoma, and several many more.

Despite developments in medical research, which show that obesity isn’t triggered solely by eating a lot of, the Administrative Judges of the MSPB stick to their archaic legitimate analysis in handicap retirement appeals submitted by Federal personnel or Postal Individuals who are obese.

Here’s how it works. The MSPB Administrative Choose begins from the flawed conclusion: the federal staff or postal worker who has been identified as fat just takes too much or has made your own choice to become obese.

The MSPB Administrative Decide may follow the flawed conclusion to its logical conclusion: the Federal worker or postal staff is likely to be required to show that they either: a) took advantage of medical recommendations for exercise and fat reduction programs and the suggestions did not work, or b) that medical recommendations for workout and fat decrease weren’t medically advisable. This is actually the legal exact carbon copy of the MSPB requesting diabetics to prove they needed part in a sugar decrease program, and it did not take.

For the fat, or morbidly fat, OPM and MSPB Administrative Judges maintain that the crippling obesity “…flowed perhaps not from the illness or injury it self, as expected by statute, but from voluntary failure or refusal to get available remedial or ameliorative action.”

One memorable choice hinted that severe procedures, such as for example “revised fasting” or “avoid surgery” could be also extreme to expect a disability retirement applicant to undergo. The Administrative Choose did not say “would” be also severe – it just “might” be also drastic.

There are two methods a Federal employee or Postal staff who’s fat and who is seeking advantages of OPM for disability pension to approach this judicial and/or institutional prejudice against the overweight or morbidly obese.

The very first, and I believe the best, is to get rid of any likelihood that possibly the Office of Personnel Administration or the Advantage Programs Security Panel can arrive at the flawed conclusion. Talk to your managing physician, and have him or her add a letter in the Federal Disability Pension application saying any one or more of the following:

Weight reduction programs and fasting and exercise were medically encouraged although not successful despite the patient’s most useful efforts; Fat decrease applications and fasting and workout weren’t medically advisable and were not area of the medical treatment arrange for the patient. Weight decrease programs and fasting and exercise might have really injured the patient. Any more than one of those claims from your treating doctor should hold OPM or the MSPB from using the Institutional Prejudice against the Obese.

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