Clash of Clans- Private server for Android 2

Meet the best Clash of Clans private server on Android gadgets. This is an adjusted server that backings an expansive number of saints and numerous extra structures. The greater part of the snags you probably won’t discover in the diversion, yet with the assistance of the server you make up for lost time.Image result for Clash of Lights


Notwithstanding being the primary private server for the Clash of lights apk 2018, it is additionally a standout amongst the most stable for Android. At us you won’t perceive any hosts and entering dns, as we arranged prepared installers who don’t utilize the first form of the amusement in any capacity. Likewise, this server is a changed one and you can have some good times on it, as half of the usefulness is absent in the first form of Clash of Clans.


With us you will have the capacity to put on your town New Year trees of all prepared, Halloween trophies, stones and many, numerous others. To do this, simply take, download and introduce an instant private Clash of Clans server, which we called Clash of Magic.


Focal points of server conflict.

  • 18 extra saints
  • boundless number of structures
  • 8 extra defensive structures
  • a wide range of poshalkov (trees, stones, and so on.)
  • boundless number of troops
  • boundless assets
  • faction wars
  • worldwide visit
  • multi-client mode
  • Muddled single-client mode

Author Since: Aug 11, 2018

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