Black Hat Reputation Management Techniques

Why You Need to Avoid Black Hat Reputation Management Techniques

reputationWhile business people should use search engine optimization and other techniques to build their online reputation with the help of an online reputation guide, there are some techniques that should be avoided as they can result in heft search engine penalties and even legal fines. Furthermore, they do not work over the long haul so why waste your time when there are so many good techniques that you can use. Many review sites have a way of penalizing these techniques when detected so that it will show up when someone searches for your company.

One of the techniques that you will want to avoid is writing fake reviews. Posting positive reviews about your company or bad reviews about another company is called astroturfing and can result in huge fines. Samsung paid over $340,000 in a Thailand court when they hired two management teams to write these reviews. Additionally, each black hat marketing firm had to pay $1,000.
You will want to make sure to own as many accounts similar to your name as you can, there is a limit to this practice. If you post the same content to every site, then the search engine will automatically lower your rankings limiting the number of people who see your sites.

Furthermore, if the search engine thinks that you are buying links, they will lower your ranking. Remember that Google and other popular search engines are often a customer’s first introduction to your company.

reputationThe Internet revolves around great content. Therefore, producing spam content is not going to work even if you are trying to push down negative results. Therefore, it is important to never keyword stuff, use invisible text or create doorway pages. Furthermore, do not add irrelevant keywords to webpages in hopes of getting more traffic to your site. Do not trick viewers into thinking that they are going to find certain content on a site only to discover when they go to that site that they find irrelevant content.

While posting meaningful comments on other’s blogs is a great technique to build your audience, do not post your link just to try to get more inbound links.
Using positive techniques, called white hat techniques, will build your reputation. Meanwhile, using black hat techniques will create turmoil and lower your rankings. Therefore, it is essential to always take the high road and do things the right way.